Waterval Hunting & Game Safaris is a family owned and run business, started by Wentzel Lombard in the 1990s.


Today the three Lombard children, Louwrence, Le Riche and Louzel pride themselves in taking care of the inheritance by managing the farm and everything on it to their utmost, always keeping in tune with the needs of the environment.

We see our guests as friends, and aim to establish lifelong business and personal relationships with everyone who shares in our love for the area. The area sees cold winters, and hot summers with afternoon thundershowers and cool nights. The icy winter season makes the farm the perfect hunting location, where hunting is done with the utmost care and sensitivity to the fragile conservation we have the privilege to live on.


Summer and spring, again, is the ideal time for photographic and walking safaris, as the wildlife and vegetation in the area are at their most beautiful.

The family

The Karoo and Cradock (Environment/Conservation)

  • One of the chief centers of the wool industry, 

  • The area also produces beef, dairy, fruit, lucern and mohair.

  • The hot sulphur springs makes the town one of the best health resorts in the Eastern Cape.

  • Mountain Zebra National Park is situated just outside of Cradock and protects over 600 zebra as well as wildlife such as endangered black rhino and cheetah.

  • Forms part of the beautiful Cape Midlands.

  • Home to indegenous Karoo Fauna & Flora.


“Such a wonderful hunting adventure for the family, big thanks to the Lombards, see you next year ” The Paxton's

“Excellent hunt @ ‪#‎watervalsafaris‬ this week,
we got some monsters!”

East Cape Game
Management Association

“I would please like to thank you and the Waterval Safaris, for a wonderful, unbelievable and amazing weekend. No words can describe the feeling of pride I have after doing my first hunt. What an unforgettable and blessed weekend."
Cornelia Michau

“Beautiful scenery and animals.

A classic Eastern Cape hunting experience, with a passionate guide. Highly recommended. Thank you, Louwrence!"
Jan Erasmus

I have hunted at a number of farms throughout the years and each and every farm has its own unique qualities and experiences. That said, I can honestly say that hunting at Waterval Hunting & Game Safaris in Cradock rates as the best experience I have ever had.


Louwrence (Farm owner) his wife Jeanette and team of trackers will deliver true professionalism in all aspects of the hunt. The farm is incredible, with all types of terrain; koppies, mountains, rivers, flat lands, bushveld, Highveld, Lowveld, almost all types of terrains one can think of in southern Africa. And the game species are in abundance. Don’t let this fool you though, the hunts are tough in the right way and require you to walk and stalk your prey. But again, that is what I look for in hunting as it is truly authentic and rewarding.


The accommodation is great, clean and has all that you need for your stay. Slaughtering facilities are top class and experienced hands will attend to all your needs. Louwrence and his guys on the ground know what tracking and hunting is all about and you are in professional and safe hands.


You will feel welcomed and relaxed at Waterval, and truly enjoy hunting as it should be. Simply Awesome!



Johny Pombo

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