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Guns and Ammunition
What to pack:

We recommend you bring along your own rifle/s or shotgun/s. Guns can also be hired by prior arrangement.

For larger antelope species we suggest the following calibres; 270, 30-06, 7 mm, 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby and 338. 

For smaller antelope species we suggest; 222, 223 and 243. 
By law we require a minimum of 375 for all dangerous game.
We recommend at least a 375 for Buffalo. 

Hunting Hippo, Elephant or White Rhino, we recommend a caliber larger than 375. Soft nose tough expanding bullets are ideal for large plains game species and solids for smaller game animals, for dangerous game calibers, we suggest a 50/50 split in soft noses and solids.

Make sure your rifles are zero'd in before departing on your trip. We will check scoped again prior to the hunt. 

Regarding bird hunting, we suggest #6 or #7 shot for pigeons and doves. For ducks and geese, #1 or 2 ¾ shot. When using a 12 gauge shot gun on some of our smaller game such as Caracal or Blue Duiker, we suggest AAA or #2 ¾. 

Ensure you have a protective rifle case/bage when travelling (keep a separate case for ammunition). 

Important - SA law requires a temporary import/export permit for firearms and ammo when traveling to the country. We suggest using a clearing agent to help you with this process. 


Photographic Safaris & cameras

Guests are advised to bring their own cameras, equipment and lenses. There will be ample photo opportunities, and Waterval Hunting & Game Safaris can only guarantee capturing some of these once-in-a-lifetime moments.  Come prepared with your own cameras, chargers, backup devices and memory sticks. Camcorders are welcome, but guests should remember battery recharge equipment. 


  • Good sun protection (for face and body)

  • A broad-rimmed hat and a raincoat

  • Three sets of hunting clothes, khaki or safari outfits

  • A thick jacket, as it gets cold during winter evenings

  • Gloves, and possibly a small scarf or neck scarf

  • One pair of well-worn walking boots

  • Thick woollen socks

  • We make use of 220 V electrical power supply so, if necessary, please remember your converter

  • Personal medication

  • Rifle and cleaning equipment (no semi-automatic rifles are allowed into the country)

  • Ammunition Binoculars Cameras

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